after the Craft Fair.....

November 23, 2013
Well thats the mai craft fair done for another year!  A long weekend but great to meet so many folk as well as seeing old friends. A lot of stock sold, so frantically working on restocking with some new ideas.
Aiming to be at the Brae event next week, so looking forward to seeing you there! 
By the way, orders taken at the main fair are being worked through and will be ready for delivery shortly

Summer 2013

August 10, 2013
Well, finally got to the end of the alpaca births this year. 6 cria successfully born (2 female and 4 male) Brings the herd up to 24 now! 
A few weeks ago it was great to see shearer James Dixon again, this time for his first visit to Shetland. Certainly saved us a lot of time in getting the alpacas into summer mode.
We also had 12 Soay lambs from 7 breeding ewes as well as 3 non-Soay lambs and a Shetland Pony! All we need now is are a few Bison and maybe Zebra and we can open as a wildlife par...
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Craft Fair ...done and dusted!

November 16, 2012
Well, a very successful craft fair in Lerwick last weekend. Met loads of folk at the stand and great to see so many friends and familiar faces. Felted alpaca hats sold very well, so will have to go back into production ! 
Will be at the Brae craft event in a couple of weeks for those who couldn't get to Lerwick show.
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October.. and in comes the rain

October 4, 2012
Long awaited drainage work started in the fields! Poor Martin, who is doing the work, has been hit with torrential down-pours, making the task all the more difficult. However, drain ditches from years ago are being re-opened and the heavy rain has been testing them! Alpacas deeply interested in the machinery on site!
Many additional felted and knitted products have now been added to other pages on this site....please take a look!
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Product Photo-shoot

September 22, 2012
Great day with our local model , Susan, taking lots of pics of the latest garments. Perfect weather any perfect location...thanks Susan!
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September 9, 2012
Well, the nights are starting to draw in and the rain has come back to north Shetland, helping the grass to grow one last time before the autumn proper. Ditching work to be completed as soon as possible to avoid winter swamp! 
Finally got round to adding more products to the website for feel free to browse!
Starting to plan for the main craft fair in November...loads to do.
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July 22, 2012
well the fields have continued to dry out...but now we need rain! As the rest of UK gets a soaking, we are almost in drought conditions. Not much to report other than the fact that the lambs continue to grow at an astounding rate, the alpacas are all sheared now (by hand) and mating time for them is now over, pregnant or not!
Hopefully the crofters' health will improve in august to allow essential pre-winter work to get done to avoid swamp conditions again. 
Plenty of products now available fro...
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June Update

June 17, 2012
Well...progress!  New stud male (Horatio) has arrived from the Scottish Borders. He is settling in well and its great to see a jet black alpaca on site ! Many thanks to Border Mill !
Lambing finished for the year and we have been lucky enough to get 10 lambs from the 6 Soay ewes this year. The one excitement has been having a light shaded ram lamb which is going to be kept as a full ram for the future (Casper!)
We have been hand shearing as many of the alpacas as possible and have collected man...
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25th April..some lambs sold

April 24, 2012
Just sold two of last year's ewe lambs to a lovely couple in Voe! Always sorry to see them go, but confident in their new owners.
Rain has continued today...with the fields returning getting very wet again...Oh for some dry weather very soon!
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