SHETLAND AILSH - born 2010.  Female.  Mahogany Brown, white face.    Sire Bill, Dam Tia.  Possibly expecting first cria 2013.

SHETLAND AILSA   b 2010 Female.  Light FAwn.   Sire Rick, Dam Tosca.   Possibly expecting first cria 2013.

SHETLAND ANGUS  b2010  Male, gelded.   Light Fawn.  Sire Bill, Dam Topaz

SHETLAND BELLE   b 2011, Female.   White.    Sire Rick,   Dam Topaz.

SHETLAND BLAIR  b 2011, Female.    Mahogany Brown.   Sire Bill,     Dam Tosca.

SHETLAND HARDY b 2009 in Dorset. Light Fawn..   Male, gelding.   Sire Rick, Dam Tosca

 SHETLAND GABRIEL  b2009, gelded male.  Mahogany Brown.   Sire Rick, Dam Topaz.

BARNACRE HORATIO  Stud Male, on Long term Loan to SHETLAND ALPACAS from The BORDERS MILL.  Beautiful Black Male.  Was seen on CountryFile when at Barnacre Alpacas.

SHETLAND Bridie b2012 Female.  Goldy brown.   Sire Bill, Dam Sheba.

Shetland Blair, 2011, Golden Brown, Sire Bill, Dam Tosca

CHERITON BILL   b2004, Stud Male.  Medium Brown/ginger.  Father of:  2009 Bathsheeba,  2010  Ailsh and Angus, 2011 Blair and Briar.     

SHETLAND JOSEPH   b2007 .  Multi.   Dam Topaz   Gelded male.

TREETOPS TOPAZ (with Belle)  b           Dark Fawn.    Mother of:  2007 JoJo, 2009 Gabriel, 2010 Angus, 2011 Belle.

SHETLAND BATHSHEEBA b 2009 Medium/ginger brown.  Sire Bill, Dam Tia.  Mother of:  2011 Bridie

CHERITON RICK  b         Stud Male - Light/Medium Fawn.  Father of:  2009 Hardy and Gabriel,  2010  Ailsa,  2011  Bridie and Belle

SHETLAND SUNNYBOY  b 2007 Male Gelding.  Mahogany Brown.   Dam Tia

TREETOPS TIA   b        Breeding Female.  Mahogany Brown.   Mother of : 2007 SunnyBoy, 2009 Bathsheeba, 2010 Ailish, 2011 Briar

 TREETOPS TOPAZ  b       Breeding Female.  Medium Fawn.   Mother of 2007 JoJo, 2009 Gabriel, 2010 Angus, 2011 Belle

TREETOPS TOSCA  b         Breeding Female.   Light Fawn.    Mother of:   2009 Hardy, 2010 Ailsa,  2011 Blair

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